He is so ugly. No matter how smart he is, it will never change because the thing is that the ugly gene itself, it will affect the whole family generation.


I have never been happy with him and will never be…

Waking up in the morning, thinking that not saying close to him is a very good decision. He, since the beginning not valuing me enough so why do you think it was good to stay with him when he does not even like you? I know that he just wanted to have a girlfriend.

I am sad because I lose friends I have been accepted so many things, but I am glad that I am able to walk away from the person I can’t love. If he did not treat me like that, I would have developed my feeling much better.

Thuy, it is better to say bye bye now instead of waiting for later. He is not the one for me. He loves her and I can tell it. If you are his wife, you won’t be loved like that and what kind of a wife will you be when he loves someone else and staying with you just because of a title, either it was boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife, you will never be happy to stay with him. So walking away is the best decision you should make either it was to make him angry and walk away or you decided to walk away because you know you won’t be happy to be with him. He always gives me pain. I am happy to spend time with him and his friends but it seems like he spends time with his friends more… so walk away is a good decision I have ever made.


Buồn. Mình buồn vì hôm này Khôi nói sẽ tới nhưng không tới. Chắc giận mình rồi. Thôi thì cứ buông từ từ đi. Nó cũng không thèm text mình nữa. Buồn quá. Nhưng được 1 chuyện là phải mạnh mẽ lên. Đừng buồn nữa. Cố quên đi. Buông tay và làm lại từ đầu

Goodbye my dearest friend!!!

I met you on Halloween, and now it has been almost a year later. You seem so far away. You almost go to Africa, to Kenya for volunteer. I will miss you sooo much because you really do your best to do your job. A good worker that I can tell. Working hard, trying the best. I just wanna say that I will miss you. Miss you much, my friend, my very cooperative coworker.

To hear that you will be leaving soon!!

I am sad!!! I did all my best just want you to love me more, but all of what I did seen nothing. I put all my efforts just want you to stay with me, but I fail right? I know that you will leave someday, but I could not stop myself from loving you so much. You are so talented, but what can I do from now? You told everyone that you will leave, and you leave without acknowledging my love. I think you know that I like you but you dont want to choose me because I am not your type. I am not good in most of the way. I am not rich. I am not talented. I am not that as good as you.

All my memories about you is now just a history and only me remember it. I will go. That was right. You were just could not learn anything from this bad trainer. You cannot even be put in the medroom just because of my selfishness. I will be missing you, the love I will never ever have from.

What to do? I just feel so bad. I am proud of myself because I did my best and have placed myself as equal as you even though my family background and my family status are so much different. I am glad of it.

I will miss you. I will miss you so much.

I miss working with you.

I agree that I like to work with someone else as well, but to you, I miss working with you. There are people who are much better than me, they have done their works better than me, but I only miss working with you.

You seems so far and far away. You are so cold to me. You only response when I asked and talked like I am not important to you. I like you because you are the first person I have trained to work with me during noc shift. I have done my best teaching you what need to do and what to be done. I told you all I know about the facility. I admitted I don’t know a lot, but I did my best.

I have a feeling that you are disappointed about me sometimes.

I am sad. I feel like I am so stupid asking that guy to work at the same place with me. I admitted that he is good. He has a high degree in nursing and his personality is nice, but the thing I dont like the most is that he steals my position. Why do I let him do that. The guy I like to work with the most every Saturday night now is like to work with that guy and ignores me. I admitted that I love the guy I work with every Saturday night, but he has no feeling for me. He is so cold. He acts like he cannot accept my love for him. He said that he does not like to work night shift and he stated that he likes to work PM rather that night shift. He said the reason is that because he cannot learn any experience working on Noc shift. I feel like he kindly rejected me but not showing it out. While working with him, he continuously asked for the existence of another girl.

Every Saturday night, I tried my best not to creep him out by not acting something stupid to him, but feel so useless. The guy who always wants to go will go, and the only thing I can do is to let that guy go. My heart aches like crazy.

There was a time, he complied me. He said I am smart and I was happy to hear that. He was the first person I trained on Noc shift. I taught him everything unselfishness. Even when I thought I like him a lot I still pretended like I dont because I dont want to make him afraid of me.

Just on this Friday, I come in and he seems to ignore me, saying hi to me then looks to another direction.

The guy I work with every Saturday night is a very nice guy. He is smart and has the intelligence of speaking nicely and softly. He is thin and good-looking. He is popular to the girl as well and he has just graduated from the State University.