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The 4 Chinese Constellations (a.k.a the 4 Chinese mythological creatures)

I love these creatures from the first time I saw them. I read a fiction, written by a Vietnamese fan-girl, based on these creatures (Blue/Green Dragon, Red Phoenix, White Tiger and Black Turtle) tell about the different but interesting stories of all four. In the story, they all are gods(as god-kinds if Im not wrong), but appeared as human forms, and are very good-looking. Especially, they are all males. The story is kinda like a shounen-ai story (boys-love story). The Phoenix has a crush on the dragon, and so, the Turtle loves the Tiger. Because they are gods, their loves cannot be accepted by the big master (the master of all four), so what will happen to them? (I dont know, the story has not done yet, I will keep my eyes on this story)

Here are the pictures I collected on the internet. I adore the arts. The creatures forms and the human forms of all four.

Blue Dragon: my favorite creature ❤

Red Phoenix

White Tiger

Black Turtle

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