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What the heck has happened to my field practice this semester!!!

I qualify for the internship class this semester. I got the add-code from my field instructor, and I’ve added the class since summer. I also passed all the required classes for internship last semester. [the field practice is known as an internship class in my school]. However, a problem has happened. I could not find a placement for my intern. Damn… no agency has accepted me, even if I have attended to many interviews and seen many agency’s supervisors (I met and talked with 3 supervisors so far).  I thought because they discriminated me or what or maybe because I was born in VN and have not been in the US long enough or for a required time?

School has started for 3 weeks so far, and today is the first day students do their internships while I am still behind. What a boring semester!!! Now, I have to drop my internship class. Fk. If not, I will receive a W which equals to an  F-grade in SJSU (my school). I’m depressed, grrr…. If I drop that class, a class which needs to take together with the internship class, also needs to drop. I don’t want to, but that is the rule of my school, and I will be short of 6 units instead of 3 to be a full-time student. 3 units for each class and I have to take 12 units to qualify for a full-time student. That means I need to take 4 classes. My schedule has 2 classes, and I have to find 2 more classes to add to qualify for financial aid on this semester. What a depressing problem I have faced!!

Right now, I’m still thinking and finding 2 more classes to add. I hope the professors are not hard, and they will accept me to the classes I want to add.

I have to wait until the next fall to apply for the same classes again [the internship class and the co-requisite class]. My graduation will be delayed for a year. =[[