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The banner below is free to use. No need to notice if used. Dont be shy, Im pretty generous. So, enjoy.

Right Click on an image –> View Image to view the full-size: (honestly, I cant tell which one is better)

I made this because I was inspired by the awesome song, Give Me, sung by Nine Muses. I made a wallpaper and an ecard out of this scan before, but when I re-heard the song, my head kept thinking of that image and I had a hard time controlling myself from making a WordPress banner out of it. The reason why is that – because I love the scan and the art as same as the two cute boys in the scan.

So, the banner was made and it is free to use.

Here is the song that I mentioned above:


Another banner was made today. I put this one on the same post because I think I dont need to make another post for the same topic on the same day.

Same as the one above, this banner was made for free-use. I dont ask for anything on using this. All I want is that you could enjoy using my banners. Have fun and please dont claim my banners as yours. ^^

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