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I took a WST, which can be called a writing skill test, today. Im not so sure that I was doing well on the test, but seemed it was hard for me, a student with english is as a second language. Is it fair for me, when I studied hard, and did the best, but still not as good as someone whose English is their primary language? I felt bad for the unfair society. This is not my fault at all, but I have to bear it and go on with it. I have to study harder like twice compared to English native speakers here. Im so sad.

Whatever the topic for WST was like describing a motion picture, movie, television program or book which changes someone’s idea.. kinda like that. I dont know…

Second part of the test was about the multiple choice. I think I did ok on that??? I dont know. I will wait for my scores to be sent to me within 4 weeks.