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I love my mom. She is the only family member I have in the United States, and the same to her, Im the only daughter she has in the US. Without her, I dont have anything, even with the simply thing which other people call “family.” I will never even recognize the word “happy family” anymore if my mom is not with me. I will not know what it is. I cannot imagine how terrible my life would be if she is not around. I will get lost. She was the one who traveled oversea with me to America. She is the one who always supports me. Because of her, I know how America looks like; because of her, I have grown up until now; because of her, I have a chance to go to college and get a degree. I love her the most in life. She have sacrificed so many things just wanted me to be successful in life.

I want her to be healthy, be loved and always happy.

My gift of life that God has given to me is to have a wonderful mother.

I love you the most, Mom. You are everything I want in this world.


The banner I made for my new world. I thought I needed another world featuring or saying about my sad life, but I have changed my mind. I thought of a new name for that world “Kiss the Rain,” but well, I should not make my life so sad by looking back on all my sad memories, so I quit writing sad stories about my life on my new world in theO.
Another reason is that I dont want to fill theO with my sad stories, so all my sad stories will be written somewhere else. lolz

That new world was changed its name back to Under Construction and the banner of that new world is open for everyone to use.

Here is the banner (click on the banner for full-size view):