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This is my very busy day.

I work on Dec 24th and Dec. 25th, so I pretty much do not celebrate my Christmas. I feel bad because Christmas is my all time favorite holiday and I was scheduled to work on Christmas. That was my not-so-good decision when I told my boss that I was available to work on that day. I feel bad for some reason.

We play the secret santa project and each of us have to make a gift for an assigned person. I joined 3 secret santa projects (hosted by 3 different theO members, Ritona Raito, chibi-anna-chan, and MikuBerry). More is from here.

Yes, I got gifts from my secret santas at theO too and I love all my gifts.

My first gift was sent is a wallpaper made by an awesome, amazing artist, SakuraDust.

My favorite couple in Fairy Tail is Gray and Juvia. I love them and Sakura pretty much captures all the wonderful moment these two should have. This is an awesome Christmas present.

I got 2 cards from my ecard secret santa, heizeru. I love both.

I got 2 ecards which were made of from 2 of my favorite couples. I love them. She sure makes my christmas awesome.

Another one is from Ritona Raito.  I am so happy that I was in one of 25 days of BL cards from Ritona Raito. I am in the day 20th and the card is just so awesome.


Here are my gifts I made for my assigned persons. I feel bad since I did not make so many gifts for my friends at theO. I am so sorry because I am so busy on the holidays.