I am sad. I feel like I am so stupid asking that guy to work at the same place with me. I admitted that he is good. He has a high degree in nursing and his personality is nice, but the thing I dont like the most is that he steals my position. Why do I let him do that. The guy I like to work with the most every Saturday night now is like to work with that guy and ignores me. I admitted that I love the guy I work with every Saturday night, but he has no feeling for me. He is so cold. He acts like he cannot accept my love for him. He said that he does not like to work night shift and he stated that he likes to work PM rather that night shift. He said the reason is that because he cannot learn any experience working on Noc shift. I feel like he kindly rejected me but not showing it out. While working with him, he continuously asked for the existence of another girl.

Every Saturday night, I tried my best not to creep him out by not acting something stupid to him, but feel so useless. The guy who always wants to go will go, and the only thing I can do is to let that guy go. My heart aches like crazy.

There was a time, he complied me. He said I am smart and I was happy to hear that. He was the first person I trained on Noc shift. I taught him everything unselfishness. Even when I thought I like him a lot I still pretended like I dont because I dont want to make him afraid of me.

Just on this Friday, I come in and he seems to ignore me, saying hi to me then looks to another direction.

The guy I work with every Saturday night is a very nice guy. He is smart and has the intelligence of speaking nicely and softly. He is thin and good-looking. He is popular to the girl as well and he has just graduated from the State University.