I am sad!!! I did all my best just want you to love me more, but all of what I did seen nothing. I put all my efforts just want you to stay with me, but I fail right? I know that you will leave someday, but I could not stop myself from loving you so much. You are so talented, but what can I do from now? You told everyone that you will leave, and you leave without acknowledging my love. I think you know that I like you but you dont want to choose me because I am not your type. I am not good in most of the way. I am not rich. I am not talented. I am not that as good as you.

All my memories about you is now just a history and only me remember it. I will go. That was right. You were just could not learn anything from this bad trainer. You cannot even be put in the medroom just because of my selfishness. I will be missing you, the love I will never ever have from.

What to do? I just feel so bad. I am proud of myself because I did my best and have placed myself as equal as you even though my family background and my family status are so much different. I am glad of it.

I will miss you. I will miss you so much.