Waking up in the morning, thinking that not saying close to him is a very good decision. He, since the beginning not valuing me enough so why do you think it was good to stay with him when he does not even like you? I know that he just wanted to have a girlfriend.

I am sad because I lose friends I have been accepted so many things, but I am glad that I am able to walk away from the person I can’t love. If he did not treat me like that, I would have developed my feeling much better.

Thuy, it is better to say bye bye now instead of waiting for later. He is not the one for me. He loves her and I can tell it. If you are his wife, you won’t be loved like that and what kind of a wife will you be when he loves someone else and staying with you just because of a title, either it was boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife, you will never be happy to stay with him. So walking away is the best decision you should make either it was to make him angry and walk away or you decided to walk away because you know you won’t be happy to be with him. He always gives me pain. I am happy to spend time with him and his friends but it seems like he spends time with his friends more… so walk away is a good decision I have ever made.