Unexpected Moment!!

On January 1, at church I saw a guy who I did not expect to see is sitting in front of me. Is it a coincident? I do not know what else to say, but seems strange.


Christmas Day!!!


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This is my very busy day.

I work on Dec 24th and Dec. 25th, so I pretty much do not celebrate my Christmas. I feel bad because Christmas is my all time favorite holiday and I was scheduled to work on Christmas. That was my not-so-good decision when I told my boss that I was available to work on that day. I feel bad for some reason.

We play the secret santa project and each of us have to make a gift for an assigned person. I joined 3 secret santa projects (hosted by 3 different theO members, Ritona Raito, chibi-anna-chan, and MikuBerry). More is from here.

Yes, I got gifts from my secret santas at theO too and I love all my gifts.

My first gift was sent is a wallpaper made by an awesome, amazing artist, SakuraDust.

My favorite couple in Fairy Tail is Gray and Juvia. I love them and Sakura pretty much captures all the wonderful moment these two should have. This is an awesome Christmas present.

I got 2 cards from my ecard secret santa, heizeru. I love both.

I got 2 ecards which were made of from 2 of my favorite couples. I love them. She sure makes my christmas awesome.

Another one is from Ritona Raito.  I am so happy that I was in one of 25 days of BL cards from Ritona Raito. I am in the day 20th and the card is just so awesome.


Here are my gifts I made for my assigned persons. I feel bad since I did not make so many gifts for my friends at theO. I am so sorry because I am so busy on the holidays.

Thanks to God


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Today is Thanksgiving!!! I am thankful to God that I can live until this day, and thankful to God that I am not alone on this Thanksgiving. I have my mom, my mom’s friend and we went to Hot Pot Palace buffet today. We had fun, we ate and discussed about life and my college life and any other things.

I am thankful to God to have given my mom to me. I love her a lot.

I am thankful to God that I have a home to come back <3.

I am thankful to God that I go to SJSU.

I am thankful to God that I have a job.

I am thankful to God for all the things that I have today.

Hypertension and Blood Pressure


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Aerobic Exercise: Exercise that increases the body’s need for oxygen.

Angina: Angina is chest pain or discomfort that occurs when an area of the heart is not getting sufficient oxygen. It often occurs with physical exertion and can be relieved with rest. Most people experience it as a kind of squeezing pressure or tightness starting behind the sternum (breast bone), radiating to the left arm and shoulder or up to the jaw. Angina is usually a symptom of underlying heart disease, such as coronary artery disease.

Asymptomatic: Having no signs or symptoms. Hypertension is a “silent” condition because people who have it typically do not experience symptoms of the disease.

Beta Blocker: A beta blocker is a medication that slows the heart rate and reduces the force with which the heart muscle contracts, thereby lowering blood pressure. Beta blockers do this by blocking beta-adrenergic receptors, preventing adrenaline (epinephrine) from stimulating these receptors.1

Cardiovascular: The cardiovascular (or circulatory) system involves the heart and blood vessels. Blood is pumped around the cardiovascular system by the heart, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the organs and other parts of the body.

Cholesterol: A fat-like substance found in the body. There is good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). Bad cholesterol can contribute to coronary artery disease.

Diabetes: A condition in which the pancreas is unable to produce insulin. Without insulin, too much sugar can build up in the body.

Diastolic: When a blood pressure reading is taken, the pressure at which the doctor can no longer hear the heartbeat is called diastolic blood pressure. It is the second number in a reading of 120/80.

Heart Disease: Also called coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease; a condition in which arteries that lead to the heart are blocked with plaque, blood clots, and other substances.

Heart Rate: The amount of times the heart beats in one minute.

Placebo: An inactive substance, used mostly in controlled studies to test the effectiveness of drugs.

Retinopathy: Damage to the blood vessels in the eyes caused by high blood pressure.

Sodium: The human body requires sodium to survive, but too much can be dangerous. The recommended daily allowance of sodium is 2300 mg (1 teaspoon) per day. Sodium is typically consumed as table salt in food.

Sphygmomanometer: A blood pressure cuff that is used to check blood pressure. It consists of a cuff that fastens around the upper arm and is attached to a bulb. The doctor inflates the cuff by squeezing the bulb. The doctor then releases the air from the cuff and listens with a stethoscope for the first heartbeat that can be heard.

Stethoscope: A device used by doctors to listen to a person’s heartbeat and breathing.

Systolic: When a blood pressure reading is taken, the pressure at which the first heartbeat is heard is called systolic blood pressure. It is the first number in a reading of 120/80.


Source: http://www.bystolic.com/hypertension/

Yep, more time at work and a new banner ^_^


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Today, my boss called me to work more time; she said she will let me work more hours in the future, yep… that is a good news and I hope I will be able to do my best at work, as same as school too.

New banner for my old blog:

For this one, I will say it looks like a low quality banner to me since the image looks not so good; however, it was a good try, I have improved a little bit in my PS skill and that makes me happy and satisfied enough at last. Yay!!! day will be bright again today. ^^

A little bit of thought in the midnight


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Waking up in the middle of the night and thinking about the unknown future, I think about my mother, my life, and myself… I wonder what will happen to me in the future, I wonder what will it be? How is my mother who is sleeping in her room? So quiet… The night is so quiet.What will I become? I want to be a helpful social worker but my english seems not enough to be one. How can I make myself more meaningful?

Me, the me I always value the most feel so useless in the crowded US society. I always hope, but I feel like Im so lonely… No one besides me except my mother who always supports me. I have no sibling in the US. My only sister is still in VN, I am worried for the unknown future I have to endure later, and feel so useless in the society where I dont have any power.

Im so sad for my English; language barrier is the main reason keeping me away from the persons I wanted to be friends with, and also it is the main hinder which delays me to become the person I wanted to become, making me feel so useless and hopeless every time I think about it… I feel so lost…

Birthday and Happy birthday to me ^o^


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Hello all,

Even though my birthday was on a rainy day, it was a wonderful day to me.
On my birthday, I had to stay home to write my essay; the essay will be due on wednesday this week. While writing an essay, I still had some time break to check theO (honestly, I was waiting for somethings from friends in theO lolz, could not concentrate on writing my essay, ==> as a result, I did not write anything lolz, my mind was somewhere else, not on the mood for the essay; — could not finish the paper, but the day was fun)… by collecting gifts and messages from my awesome friends in theO ❤
and yeas, all the wonderful messages, gifts and dedications had made my day awesome. I did not celebrate my birthday since I dont think I need to and I dont have time. I know my real life friends do not have time as same as me. Thank for those who spent a little bit of time to think of me. ❤


I am really happy to receive all the lovely gifts, great dedications and all the wonderful birthday wishes to me; these make my day so great, happy and awesome. I love you all. :oops::oops:

Thanks soooooooo much………… 😳

Wishes and birthday gifts are in here

Thanks for the great dedications :mrgreen:

Icons from josephine12cute



A day before BD


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Tomorrow is my birthday; and I will get older and older each day. I feel bad about that. -_-

However, I need to have more responsible for life now; cannot just live based on the other anymore; need to create an independent life for my own world lolz.

So, what I have so far…

I have a job and Im satisfied with it.

I can drive and that is wonderful as well.

I go to school and even though I have some problems in school, but still I have to try harder and harder; just need more responsible and study harder.

I have a wonderful mom and I love her sooo much. She is the gift of GOD to me and thanks to GOD for giving her to me to be a wonderful mother. ❤

Thought for a day


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I miss my community so much, in my community, pplz speak my native language, so I can perform and talk and make friends easier than in the environment I live right now…

whenever I was in school I feel like my paper partner just doesn’t want to work with me anymore. I feel sad.

But as long as I still have hope, I cannot give up. Im in the middle of the semester right now. I have to move on.

Just dont stop, despite how many other people may think, I am not allowed myself to stop. I need to go on…